Bandwidth Cap Crap #!@

toll gate

Toll gate

When we were sold the possibilities and potential of broadband Internet we were told that Internet 2 would bring massive capacity to users. Years later we are fed bandwidth caps, net neutrality and what seems a reluctance on the part of U.S. carriers to go there without charging us for each and every step up. Now we hear that even underdeveloped countries have better access. What’s up with that?
AT&T U-verse: (250GB bandwidth cap)

AT&T has tried to compete with Comcast and other providers. Recent moves however have pissed off users that are taking to jumping off ship in droves in favor of Comcast as an alternative.


Speed and price here are marginally acceptable, but we sure  hope Comcast does’nt develop a purely mercenary mindset leading them to pray upon their loyal customers.

If you are really active and doing serious multimedia work it is quick and easy to blow right through your limits thus bumping you right up against that onerous cap and possibly getting your account throttled down to pedestrian speeds you never bargained for and possibly rendering your process retarted.

There must be something we can do about this.

Who is watching the gates?

Who is advocating for us users now being victimized for doing what we must? Forward thinking Entrprenuers are reaping billions with innovations that lure us to use more bandwidth and broadband carriers are busy breaking down the regulations and putting up toll gates and restrictions against our interests.

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  1. When they sell you on Unlimited bandwidth how do they get to arbitarily change that without violating their contract with users? Unlimited should mean UNLIMITED in this universe!