Updates can (and will) F* you up!

You can hope upgrades will make things run better, however chances are much freater that they will throw crap into your work process and negatively impact productivity to that point.
There is no update police nor standard policies, guidelines or rules that force developers to make upgrades work.
The average user’s supposition is developers upgrade to fix things and not to break things, but we all know that in the real world that is pure bullshit.
Wishful thinking does not get the work done.
By upgrades we are referring to newer versions of applications, apps, operating systems, firmware, hardware, extensions, plug-ins and devices. Nowhere in this does anyone make the promise of  “better”. Just newer or actually later.
To some upgrading is a strategy to lock in users or get them to purchase upgrades. To others forcing required upgrades is a form of copy protection.
Firefox 9 let me see the great promise and incredible potential of automatic pushed updates. They could be a very useful feature in a perfect world. But it isn’t and some developers are less than diligent therefore we cannot expose ourselves, our information  and our systems to their laxness.
I don’t want to leave the impression that bad upgrades are malicious. Often they are simply poor programming and design. When developers choose to a different tack they do not always consider their users. They change interfaces, fuctions and features as they need to. The result is often bound to cause problems for some dedicated dependent users.
One day it works like this. Then the very next day it seems that nothing works right or at least like it has in the past.
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