Fringe Companies in 2012

Big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Google have a good idea where their future rests, but what about the thousands upon thousands of smaller marginal companies that operate just outside hot, glitzy, and trendy niches and market segments? These are the bedrock suppliers that make many of the essential external and add-on accessory products that enhance or perfect the capabilities of the dearly acquired computers and mobile devices we own, love and use.

How are these players making it these days? If they are smart and agile they should have their ears to the ground and stay busy studying the latest innovative technologies for openings and sizable gaps representing openings and opportunities to keep their development labs working on products that address those gaps and lead to profitability and sustainability.


These are only a few of the worthy cable, hard disc, monitor, bag and case makers now joined in competition for hard fought consumer dollars by a great many newly hot app builders.

It would be fortunate if these two segments came together to innovate and develop products missing from our current range of selections. After all the direction og our times is making everything intelligent by embedding technology into things that do useful stuff.

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