Too Damn Many Samsung Smartphones!

Last week the Headline read “Samsung outsells Apple” I am not quite sure I know exactly what that means. Let me explain.

It seems like everday there is another Samsung Smartphone model being introduced. This might be some kind of new fangled marketing strategy to flood the marketplace with choices, but I simply can’t keep all of it straight in my head, especially with all the various model names and conventions.

With the high volume of TV ads TV and proliferation of online reviews I am even more confused and confounded as to which one is right for me. Yes, I do want one, but which?

I for one give up! I have thrown up my hands and now am looking elsewhere for viable alternatives and options, then again theres always taking the easy way and going for the leader, the Apple iPhone 4S.

I do wonder if other consumers are also experiencing this confusion and, are they getting as frustrated about this as I am right now?

This can’t be really be good for Samsung’s product sales and company marketers are undoubtably puling out their hair out by the roots attempting to rein it all in.

A recent cnet article helps sort out which Android may be the better phone.

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