iPhone 5: October 4th

The closer we get to the much-rumored release date of the Apple’s next generation iPhone the more rumor mill stories are all ablaze with rumors and imaginings.

is almost certain that October 4th is the agreed upon coming out  date for both the iPhone 5 and new CEO, Tim Cook. We might even begin to expect a dual model release as well. But that is unconfirmed at this point.

However, it is fairly certain that Apple competitors will do everything they can to steal Apple’s thunder or muddy the water with rumors and intentional misdirection in order to slow the leader down.

We have also just learned that isome pre-orders of the new iPhone 5 have started in select cases. Purchasers will receive an advantage coupon ahead of the great expected demand. A further clue to the nearness of the iPhone 5 is that Apple Store employees are set to go through intensive iOS 5 and iPhone 5 and iCloud training.

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