iPhone 5 in October?


The yet to be released iPhone 5 is already off to a very good start and its not even out there yet. According to the latest unverified rumor it might hitthe market  in Oct 2011. Everyone claims they have an “iPhone killer”. If you are a smartphone competitor how do you really compete with a phone that is not even real yet? Realistically can you do it? Theoretically should you even try?

Well, if you want a place in the ever changing emerging smartphone marketplace you’d better. Just ask Microsoft. But it’s easier said than done.

The bitter lessons learned by HP are cautionary. There are far too many diverse aspects to bring into alignment to do it right. App store, developer base, OS platform, manufacturing, retail channels, marketing, influencers, media and user perceptions, broadband provider partners and thats only a start.add to this traction, pricing, and design and it seems a mountain too high, ocean too wide, belt too tight.

It is enough to have to go up against the iPhone 4 but to have to challenge vaporware is more than we can expect any company to attempt and overcome. HP couldn’t, RIM can’t, Motorola, Microsoft and HTC are trying.

The overly active rumor mill seems to be all of the marketing and promotion that Apple needs to stay in front. It would be difficult for Apple to foul this up. Whoever will drive Apple into the future simply has to deliver a worthy product to a willing marketplace, without screwing up or taking huge steps backwards.

If they craft and are able to deliver on a whole new vision we will look back at this time as transitional. If they drop the ball we will see this as dysfunctional.

The iPhone leaks are plentiful but the one that interests me is that the iPhone 5 will hit in Oct. That give Apple time to shut out all the noise of the competition going into the holidays and CES or MacWorld.

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