Samsung White Galaxy S2 in Sept.

Samsung Galaxy-S2 Whitet

Samsung Galaxy-S2 Whitet

Could it be true? Will there be an iPhone 5 competitor on the scene before the iPhone 5? Well, according to the usually trusty CNET, Samsung is planning to release a cool white version of the popular Galaxy S2 in early September 2011. Just ahead of the much anticipated release of Apple’s anticipated iPhone 5.

Hardware and software wise, Samsung’s white S2 is exactly the same as the black S2, that has already hit 5 million sales before it’s even reached the shores and stores of the US.

Samsung is already in a bit of a sticky spot  with Apple who views Samsung’s Galaxy line as flagrant copies of erstwhile Apple products and is agressively attempting to halt the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US.

For Korean’s Samsung all of this will be no small task. A September release will put the white S2 in direct competition with the current and next version of Apple’s iPhone.

A worthy Android iPhone competitor is desired by many consumers but some industry insiders seriously doubt whether companies like Samsung can actually overcome the legal and creative hurdles before them. Let’s all revisit this sizzling topic in September and see then exactly where we are.

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