July iPhone 5 Rumor Mill

Here we are in July, and contrary to rumors there is no new iPhone, and no clear verifiable hint of when it might arrive.

Last year by this time Apple had already begun shipping the iPhone 4 and every single previous model had been announced in June, except for the very first iPhone unveiled in January 2007.

So, now that June has come and gone and WWDC is over, whats up? SITUATION: iPhone is the Apple’s biggest money maker, even above the iPad.

My take is that Apple may be preparing to release a new iPhone. Most rumors, however, point to a September event.

With competition ramoing up and getting more traction, how different should or would a new iPhone be?

New iPhones may just be mild upgrades to the iPhone 4, with cosmetic changes or it could be a major rebuild in order to out distance mounting competition. Many expect that the new version will be both thinner and lighter than its predecessor and more like the iPod Touch.  It could include an edge-to-edge screen. Internally we may even see a switch from Infineon chips to Qualcomm. A camera upgrade seems very likely. LTE and NFC are often discussed but , but no hints indicate those as possibilties.

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