Apple iPhone 5: The Rumormill



With all the new Android phones out there. speculation is strong that the next full revision of the Apple iPhone will be far and away the strongest most significant advancement yet in the popular industry leading line. Apple has demonstrated the ability to silence competitive noise at this very point in masterful form causing competitors heads to swim.

Speculation has never been stronger about what the iPhone 5 would look like and what all features it would have. All hope is that it will be the nearest to perfection as we have come.

Leading Rumors:

  • Incorporating all the previously announced changes of iOS5
  • A faster A5 processor or A4 dual-core processor  based on the
  • ARM Cortex A9 design.
  • improved 8-megapixel camera
  • Support for iOS 5
  • Design similar to iPhone 4
  • Fully-revamped iPhone 5
  • No 4G LTE network
  • iPhone metal back
  • Larger 4-inch screen with “edge-to-edge” display
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) chip
  • Tweaked antenna design
  • Slide-out keyboard


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