D9 2011: All Things D Conference

D9 Conference 2011

D9 Conference 2011

It used to be called the “All Things Digital Conference” but that was too many letters to remember so it became “All Things D”, that too was a little too much so now its just “D9”, OK Then! This is when tech guru and innovation evangelist and pioneer journalist Walt Mossberg gets to hold court with the big names sitting at his knee.

This years D9 Conference started today Tues. May 31  and will run to Thurs. June 2, 2011 at the Mediterranean inspired Terranea Resort located in sunny  Rancho Palos Verdes, California RSS feed for this category (the feed)

Sorry readers, it is already SOLD OUT! WE must be content with getting our virtual fix and settle with enjoying the vicarious experience.

So what’s the big Whoop? For over a decade groundbreaking innovation has erupted on the All Things D stage and they’re looking forward to even more at D9.  All Things Digital conference has been the site of breaking news,  and events highlighting innovation, and conversations with influentials in media and technology.

Take a half hour and visit the Conference Site:

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