iPhone Killer: HTC Thunderbolt

Apple’s got a real problem on its hands! Its called the HTC Thunderbolt.

I finally got my hands on an HTC Thunderbolt and the tenor of the positive feedback and stories are indeed true. It is a very good phone, If there really is an iPhone killer out there and that is not just a figment of an overzealous marketer’s imagination and hype, then the HTC Thunderbolt is about the closest I’ve seen from among all the hordes of pretenders and want-to-be’s to hit the market. HTC Thunderbolt’s are literally flying off the shelves of Verizon stores in numbers closely matching those of the iPhone 4.   Right off, the extra screen space impresses, but overall, the Thunderbolt’s functionality and full set of advanced smartphone features users are looking for in a new device doesn’t hurt. HTC has been in the business making good phones for quite a while now since they came out with the G1 and now they seem to have poured their experience, expertise and design talents into the new Thunderbolt and have a sure-fire hit on their hot hands. Recently, I get more web page hits for Thunderbolt info than for iPhone. Apple needs to listen for the footsteps coming up behind them and be on notice. It’s time for Cupertino to stand and deliver on a newly crafted next generation iPhone 5.

Thunderbolt chimes in with a nice hi-res 4.3″ screen, 8MP camera, LED flash, in-camera effects and a 720p HD camcorder, 4G uploads, Built-in DLNA connectivity to support your flatscreen. Thunderbolt functions as a mobile hotspot  turning your phone into a wireless router, providing Wi-Fi™ connections and 4G power to up to five devices. With a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and Verizon’s 4G network users can expect robust performance.

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